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Title: Scary Mary
Author: Paula Bowles
Illustrator: Paula Bowles
Publisher: Tiger Tales an imprint of ME Media, LLC
Ages: 3 to 7

Scary Mary ruled the roost. Other animals wanted to play with her, but she would scare them away. She put up signs and gates to keep them out. Scary Mary kept all the sunflower seeds to herself. The animals wanted to join her. Scary Mary shouted “No!”

When Scary Mary was all alone and had the barnyard to herself, she realized that being alone was very lonely. How will Scary Mary ever get the other animals to want to play with her again? You'll have to read this wonderful book to find out.

This is a debut book from Paula Bowles. This hilarious story will teach young readers about sharing and friendship. Vivid pictures of Scary Mary's frantic outbursts, will have kids giggling. Bullying is a big topic in schools, and this is a perfect way to teach a lesson about bullying. Parents and teachers can utilize this tool to open up dialogue and help children better understand how to deal with a bully.

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The Hole in the Wall
Lisa Rowe Fraustino

Sebastian and his quirky family live in Kokadjo Gore. This small town is actually “kettle” in Abenaki Indian. As a matter of fact that's exactly what their mountain home looks like, an upside down kettle. You see, Sebastian's home town is in a bad way. The town has been stripped mined and not much good about the community is left. His home is literally falling apart. There is mold growing on their food and clothes. And now, something is happening with their water supply. These are just a few of the things Sebastian has adapted to. But now, something is causing the chickens to lay hard eggs and some folks are getting sick, including Sebastian. In order to keep himself busy, Sebastian finds short cuts home from school and often goes poking around in areas that are restricted. One particular place even had an electric fence and guard dogs. Eventually that didn't stop Sebastian. After tripping over a tree root and rolling down a hill he finds a secret place. It looked a lot like Sherwood Forest. An oasis in the middle of a dusty old mining town. It became a place for Sebastian to escape. On sunny days he would lay in the deep moss in the middle of trees and read his comics. His own private hole in the wall. Sebastian and his sister Barbie notice strange things happening around that hole. Their home, their little town, their world was falling apart. It would be up to Sebastian and Barbie to figure out what's happening and fix it.

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