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It's a BOB Books giveaway here at Kristi's Book Nook!
BOB Books are a great way to get your kids down the road to reading. For a chance to win leave your name and email in the comment section. And don't forget to visit the BOB Books site! Offer expires 4/13/2012.

About our Early Readers

Discover  NEW Bob Books Early Reader - now in a bright new format! These 32 page, full color stories are just right for your reader who knows the basics and is looking for fun, easy-to-read stories.
Meet siblings Jack and Anna, the two newest characters in the Bob Books family. Jack and Anna have many gentle and humorous adventures together, from getting a new puppy, to learning to ride a bike, to making surprising cupcakes. Your youngster will love reading about Jack and Anna's funny family adventures.
Bob Books Early Readers make learning to read easy for your child, with words that are simple to sound out, short sentences and gently expanding vocabulary.  With this sensible blend of phonics and sight words, your young readers will soon be proud to say, "I read the whole book!"® 
Bob Books Early Readers can be read by children who are ready for Bob Books Set 4. See each book for specific leveling information. 

Title: BOB Books Cupcake Surprise
Author: Lynn Maslen Kertell
Illustrator: Sue Hendra
Publisher: ScholasticISBN:9780545382694

Jack and Anna want to surprise dad for his birthday. Instead of singing a song or making a card they decide to make cupcake. Jack and Ann discover cupcakes are as much fun to make as they are to eat.

BOB books has created another great beginning reader book. Site words such as cookies, flour, cupcakes and birthday can be found. The words are easily recognized by new readers. Bright colorful pics with recognizable objects make simple sentences easy to learn and comprehend. Reading will be so much fun. Sentences such as: Jack and Anna go to the store. Surprise! These cupcakes taste great!; are easily learned.

The cover of each book shows the grade level and reading level. Flash cards are included for easy reference. To learn more about BOB Books visit

Title: BOB Books The New Puppy
Author: Lynn Maslen Kertell
Illustrator: Sue Hendra
Publisher: ScholasticISBN: 9780545382687


Jack and Anna would love to have a puppy. But mom and dad say its a lot of work. When Jack and Anna get a new puppy, they discover just how much work it is to care for a puppy.

BOB Books has created another great way for kids to learn to read. Site words such as: again, asleep, care and chase are easy to sound out. These words are also easily recognized by new readers.

Brightly colored pictures with familiar objects make BOB Books simple sentences easy to figure out and read. Learning comprehension is made easy. Examples: Jack and Anna like the brown puppy. The puppy gives Anna a kiss.

Flash cards are included. The cover of each book shows the grade level and reading level. To learn more about BOB Books please visit