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Title: In the Hall of the Mountain King
Author: Allison Flannery
Illustrations: Vesper Stamper
Publisher: Samizdat Publishing Group, LLC
ISBN: 9781938633133


Boys and girls are known to be curious explorers. And if given the chance to venture out they often times will get themselves into a little mischief. Peer, a young boy from Norway, lived in a little cottage by the sea. He and his pup loved to explore.

He always found treasure:
rocks that were round and sparkly,
lizards that were
brown and bumby-
and trees with branches spaced
just right for a boy to climb

On the other side of the forest Peer eyed a castle. Could it be the mountain King's castle? Peer had heard stories and thought it would be worth exploring. He made his way in and looked around for quite sometime. That is, until he was discovered by a very giant man. Will Peer make it out of the castle without being caught?

Kindergarten music teacher Allison Flannery has brought to life an interactive story and musical treasure that children, parents and teachers will embrace. The story and the CD that can be found inside has instructions in the back of the book so readers and listeners can use their hands or bodies to mimic what the main character is doing in the story while the music plays. Readers can also download a coloring sheet from the website.

According to Flannery, she wanted to pay tribute to Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg's masterpiece of the same name and based on Henrik Ibsen's 1867 play “Peer Gynt,” the story captures the wonder and imagination of childhood while providing an interactive introduction to classical music.

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