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Title: The Gospel According To Yeshua's Cat
Author: C. L. Francisco, PhD
Illustrations: Wendy J. Francisco
Publisher: C. L. Francisco
ISBN: 9781493539314


Meet Mari, a cat named by her godmother who called her “wind on the water” because her fur moved in the breeze. Meet Yeshau ben Yosef, named after his father Yosef, who's name means “God will add to me another son.”

Yeshau rescues Mari from a pack of wild dogs who have destroyed her first litter of kittens. That's when they start on their long journey together. Yeshau hears voices in the night calling him to go to a desolate place to speak to God to finish the direction of his feet. Yeshau has heard the voices from the phantom of darkness trying to convince him that his God is not listening to him and does not think he is the chosen one of Israel. Yeshau talks to animals with his mind, they understand him and talk back to him. Their journey takes them to villages where he talks to and prays with the villagers about God. Sometimes he heals them. Yeshau has picked up disciples along the way. Yeshau goes into the hills alone sometimes to pray, and sometimes with his disciples. Mari the cat is watching, listening and asking questions as he shares in the journey of Yeshau.

The story is seen through the eyes of Mari as she tells her side of the story of her travels with the son of the earth and his disciples. Readers will feel as though they are traveling by the side of the son of God and witness his life and his death. This inspirational story is heartwarming and enlightening.

Francisco is the mother of two, a digital artist, and a lover of wild places. The seeds that grew into The Gospel According to Yeshua's Cat took root as she struggled with the aftermath of a wildfire that swept through her land and took the life of the young cat sharing her home.

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