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Could you imagine living in a world today that consists of concentration camps? Some have already seen this world and wouldn't want to go through it again. Stokes has created a world readers can sink their teeth into. This new world has camps, or Sectors, that detain a people known as Keynosians; people who live in trees, go barefoot, eat plants for their juice and have a fungal mark that somehow gives them powerful strength. The problem is the Northern Alliance, a military infrastructure, thinks the Keynosians are savages and want to civilize them by putting Peacekeeper collars on them that drug them to keep them under control. Not all Keynosians are keen to this way of life and have put together their own resistance.

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Title: Sectors
Author: Harule Stokes
Illustrations: Grey Williamson
Publisher: DBA Wave One Publishing
ISBN: 978098822109


Joseph Marshall, as well as others, is a NextGen. He inherited the gene from his parents. This gene makes him massive in size, keen with all five sense, and basically unstoppable for the most part. He has joined the military academy against his mothers better judgment and is ranked an 8 out of 10 but has extraordinary intelligence. He has been trained to patrol the borders in the Sectors. For him this is the best way to provide a better life for himself, his brother and mother. He can make more money than if he were a garbage collector or security guard. At his level he would more likely be sent to a Sector with minimal need. Unfortunately for Joe that is not what happened. After graduation he is summoned to see Commander Jacob, a Fallen or father of the NextGen, who assigns him to Westwood in Sector 9 the worst sector ever. His job will be to use his strength and intelligence to monitor and uncover whether or not David Santos, another Fallen, has switched sides. Joseph must find out why David committed a murder and if he had any help from renegade Keynosians. This is an unusual assignment for an 8 but Joseph is up to the task.

Along with his new stresses, Joseph also has friends from the Academy and a few enemies too. His new girlfriend, Jennifer, is also vying for his attention. His best friend Zek is also wanting his help. A plant called Earthbound is grown from the dead bodies of Keynosians and holds the key to a popular drug which is in high demand and can only be found in Sector 9. Worth $3000 per plant, Zek has a plan to make money. But then, Zek always has an illegal plan and often gets Joseph entangled in his schemes. This could be trouble for Joseph since he will be reporting directly to Commander Jacob.

Joe has his first encounter with an empowered Keynosian who also becomes his first kill. These people have already changed him before he even gets to his assignment. Joseph begins to see why his mother participated in the Freedom For All (FAA) a group that tries to prevent the collaring of Keynosians. As Joseph makes his way through the politics, friendships and his investigation will he be able to make the right decisions? Will he be able to fight if necessary against one of the Fallen and survive? These are questions that will be answered as Josephs' story unfolds.

Stokes keeps readers engaged with a loads of dialogue which helps readers to better understand the characters and vivid scenery that brings life to this world and makes it believable. This interesting concept is a page turner that readers can relate to. The heart pounding fight scenes invite readers to share in the emotion. The storyline is well written although readers may find some adult language throughout the pages.