Book Giveaway: Snub Club And The Case Of The Disappearing Donuts

Nobody likes a thief, but what can you do about it if you are in middle school? Well, you can ban together and solve the mystery.

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Title: Snub Club And The Case of the Disappearing Donuts
Author: Diane Christiansen
Publisher: Blackhawk Publishing
ISBN: 9780982637876


Jackie, Cameron and Carly all attend Springdale Middle School. It's pretty rough for them because they are special. Some students don't understand their special gifts and make school a not so pleasant place to be. Jackie is a special child with Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD. He is very smart although he has ASD. He has a problem being around a lot of people and doesn’t like loud noises. He is bullied. Jackie has a photographic memory and remembers everything he reads. Cameron also has ASD but he is different because he is smart but his thinking is slow. He is very strong and has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. He doesn't feel much pain and as a result he is much stronger than the other kids. Carly has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD. She talks really fast because her brain is going so fast. She feels she has to get the words out as fast as her brain is saying them.

The teachers at the school hang out in the lounge and always have their coffee and donuts before school starts. There are always happy and smiling. The children love them. One day, the students noticed that the teachers were acting mean and grumpy and yelling at them. Jackie, Cameron and Carly discovered that the donuts were missing from the teachers lounge making them moody because they were having withdraws. These three children get together to find out what happened to the donuts. Someone is stealing them. Using their gifts they have their work cut out for them literally. They not only have to solve the mystery but keep up with their school work, play tryouts, and wrestling practice.

Christiansen has done a great job of showing readers that although these students have special needs they can also be heroes. Their lives may have some challenges but they are just like anyone else when it comes to being a friend, doing school activities and homework. Parents and teachers will also appreciate this story and can utilize it to open up dialogue in their homes and classrooms.
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