Book Review: Addy's Craft Book

Kids can go back in history with Addy and learn how to make crafts from the 1800's.

Title: Addy's Craft Book
Author: Rebecca Sample Bernstein, Tamara England, and Jodi Evert
Illustrations: Jane S. Varda
Publisher: Pleasant Company Publications
ISBN: 156271244


In 1864 enslaved African Americans were often considered to be skilled crafts people, women made baskets, soap, clothes, quilts and thread that was hand-spun. Men were carvers potters blacksmiths and shoemakers. Today, some of these same crafts can be made and can help readers better understand what life would have been like during Addy's time.

The history of Addy and her family can be found throughout the pages. Readers will also see black and white photos of real pioneers and their actual homes along with old photos of crafts found in the book. The history of the crafts in the book have special meaning and that history is listed here too.

Readers can learn how to make appliqued pillows, shadow puppets, paper dolls, changeable pictures and more. Detailed instructions and patterns can be found inside this wonderful book. Parents and teachers will love this tool that can be utilized to discuss and relive history.

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