Book Review: Crafts That Celebrate Black History

Kids can learn and create in celebration!

Title: Crafts That Celebrate Black History
Author: Kathy Ross
Illustrations: Jenny Stow
Publisher: The Millbrook Press
ISBN: 9780761325154


Benjamin Benneker was a genius in mathematics, astronomy, and inventions. Readers can create their very own Benjamin paper puppet and books. Paul Laurence Dunbar was referred to as the poet for the people. Young readers can make a paper and pencil magnet. Granville T. Woods was an inventor with lots of patents. Readers will learn how to make an invention puzzle.

A list of what is needed along with easy to read instructions are accompanied by the history of each person represented. Some crafts are easier than others, but kids can do them alone or with a group. Parents and teachers will find that learning and creating can keep kids busy for hours at a time. Photos of these famous people are here along with colorful illustrations of each craft.

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