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Title: Monster Club: Case of the Ivy Hollow Werewolf
Author: Chelsea Bellingeri
Illustrations: Rahul Philip
Publisher: Chelsea Bellingeri
ISBN: 9781493677849


Lucas Staal is a little obsessed with monsters. His comic books filled with monsters, vampires and werewolves seem to get him into trouble at school more times than he is willing to admit. All the same, Lucas was glad to finally be in the small town of Ivy Hollow's only secondary school. After school Lucas and his best friend Oliver Davies walked through the town square and noticed yellow police tape hanging off the building in front of Mike's Butcher Shop. Ivy Hollow never had any major crimes happen. So of course, the boys thought it would be a good idea to investigate the premises. Mike the butcher stated that the break-in had to have been a guy and his dog, especially since they left the place a mess and all of the meat was gone. There was blood and trash all over. Mike mentioned that the dog probably ate all of the meat.

Lucas and Oliver figured that since there was a full moon the night before that it had to be a werewolf lurking around in the town. They noticed foot prints in the blood that went from human to paw prints. Of course, these two knew everything about werewolves simply because they've read every comic book on the subject. For Lucas and Oliver this would be their first official case. So, they decided it was time to start a secret club. It was the only way to solve the mystery. Lily, Lucas' twin sister, and her best friend Savannah Green thought it might be a good idea for them to join the club too. The girls thought they could be a lot of help. They could get books from the library to read up on werewolves and that was okay for the boys simply because they wouldn't have to do it. Together the foursome started their investigation to prove there was a werewolf lurking in Ivy Hollow. With the next full moon date getting closer and the list of uncanny suspects to investigate along with unraveling mysterious werewolf folklore and the school carnival scheduled for the night of the full moon, it will be a race against time for the club to find the werewolf and save Ivy Hollow.

Bellinger has created a very cool mystery with characters that are witty and funny. Young boys and girls will love this fast paced read. Vivid imagery puts young readers right into the story. If you are up for chills and thrills this is a story to sink your teeth into.