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Title: The Purim Superhero
Author: Elisabeth Kushner
Illustrations: Mike Byrne
Publisher: Kar-Ben Publishing
ISBN: 9780761390626


Nate is a young boy who attends a Hebrew school. He doesn't have a mom, but he does have a daddy and an Abba. At school, all the children are going to be super heroes in costume for the Purim celebration. But Nate only wants to be an alien. He would wish aliens would appear in his window to tell him about other planets. Of course, Nate did not want to be like all the other boys. His Abba reminded him of the story of Esther and how showing who your really are can make you stronger. Nate had never considered this as an option. That night an idea came to him and he had Abba cut and sew his costume and Miri write down some words. When it was getting close to parade time, Nate slipped into the the bathroom to change. He would surprise everyone. Can you guess what his costume was?

This colorfully illustrated story of Jewish culture, teaches kids to be themselves and also shares a story of Purim. Families can celebrate by creating their own costumes, eating three-cornered cookies, and by reading the Megillah.

Courtesy of Kar-Ben Publishing

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