Book Review: Barnyard Purim

Title: Barnyard Purim
Author: Kelly Terwilliger
Illustrations: Barbara johansen Newman
Publisher: Kar-Ben Publishing


Do barnyard animals celebrate Purim? Well, according to this tale they do. Farmer Max has announced to his animals that he is going to a Purim play. Amongst themselves, they decided that since they can't go with farmer Max, they will just put on a Purim play of their own. First, they decide who has talent, second who will play which characters. Sheep, the most nervous animal in the barn, is selected to play evil Haman. Unfortunately for Sheep and his character, he cries every time the animals say something to him in their character. In an effort to help Sheep gain confidence with his character role Goat creates a fox-like costume for Sheep which depicts the sly-fox mentality of Haman. But when a real fox shows up, all the animals are in big trouble. Can they gain courage like Esther and save the day?

This hilarious tale of bravery will have readers giggling and learning about Purim. Lively illustrations and easy to read sentences make this a great book for beginners. Purim, a holiday that comes in early spring, recalls how brave Queen Esther saved the Jewish people of Persia from wicked Haman's evil plot to destroy them.

Courtesy Kar-Ben Publishing

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