Book Review: Furry And Flo - The Big Hairy Secret

There is something hairy and maybe even scary lurking around at Corman Towers!

Title: Furry and Flo – The Big Hairy Secret
Author: Thomas Kingsley Troupe
Illustrations: Hilary Wacholz
Publisher: Arch Stone Books
ISBN: 9781623700331


Florence M. Garner, but you'd better call her Flo, and her mom are moving again. Ever since her dad passed away her mom has had to go where the work is. This time their new home is in a big city and their new dwelling is at a creepy old apartment building called Corman Towers. They are stuck on the 17th floor and have to take the stairs or ride in the rickety old elevator.

Flo is discovering that Corman Towers is harboring some very unusual secrets and she is bound and determined to get to the bottom of it. When Flo befriends her neighbor, Ferdinand, or Furry as he likes to be called, together they solve a few of the mysteries that are causing mayhem in their building. With her trusty lunch box her father gave her and the courage to take on anything, this wacky team defeats oversized spiders and temporarily plug the crack in the basement that leads to who knows where.

Troupe has created a series that boys and girls, who enjoy a good mystery, will get excited about as they flip through the pages to undercover the creepy clues. Young readers will delight in the comical illustrations found within the book. The characters are fun and silly and the storyline is simple and very easy to read and follow.

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