Book Review: My first Touch and Feel Sound Book - Noisy Farm

Tiger Tales Books Presents a touch and learn book of animal noises little ones will love!

Title: My First Touch and Feel Sound Book – Noisy Farm
Author: Tiger Tales Books
Illustrator: Images via
Publisher: Tiger Tales Books
Ages: 2 to 5
ISBN: 9781589256101


Noise, noise and more noise is what parents and toddlers will hear with this fun book of animal sounds. Pat the cow lives in a barn with her spotted calf. Cows like to eat grass and they also love to MOO! Noise is just a part of this colorful teaching tool that offers real photography along with cool texture spots on all of the animals featured. Young readers can hear the sounds these familiar animals make and also touch and feel them too.

This sturdy board book will teach children to play and explore with these familiar animals. Parents and teachers can use this tool to inspire other games and really get little ones interacting and learning. Board books are also great for teaching toddlers how to use a book.

This book was donated to a child in need.

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