Book Review: The Time-Tripping Faradays - The Alchemist War

How much fun would you have traveling through time?

Title: The Time-Tripping Faradays – The Alchemist War
Author: john Seven
Illustrations: Craig Philips
Publisher: Capstone Young Readers
ISBN: 9781623700119


Dawk and Hype Faraday, along with their parents, who happen to be researchers for the Temporal History Research Division of the Cosmos Institute, are time travelers. What this family does is gather knowledge. What they do with it once they've retrieved it is put it into a NeuroNet of the 25th century. The difficult task of all of this is to try not to alter history. The NeuroNet is kind of like the Facebook or Twitter of its time.

The Faraday's latest adventure takes them to Prague Castle in 1648. When Dawk and Hype tour the city they stumble, literally, into a man who claims to be able to turn any precious metal into gold. The job of an alchemist during this period was to find and use a fabled ingredient known as Anima Murdi. Of course, this ingredient has never existed and most alchemists were swindlers, or were they? It will be up to the Faraday's to solve the mystery of Anima Murdi.

Seven pulls readers into a fantastical what if world that will not only engage readers but teach them a bit about history. Interesting characters along with detailed imagery puts readers right into the story. Boys and girls will like the humor and mystery of this tale of time travel. This quick read will get those non-readers interested in picking up a book.

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