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Super Pop! Pop Culture Top Ten Lists
Daniel Harmon
BIBLIO:2013, Zest Books, 12 & Up, $16.99.
REVIEWER:Kristi Bernard
FORMAT: Young Adult
ISBN: 9781936976362

Pop culture is alive and well in the world we live in. Each year those movies, music, books and art are pinned to a pop culture category and left there for later review. We all have our coined phrases and we get those from our favorite movies and songs. But soon, like most thing they wear thin and are put away to make room for the next sensation or trend. But, there is no need to fret, “Super Pop” has brought all of those old favorites back to life. This lively collection is organized by five categories, thoughtfully referred to as “self-improvement” subjects.

The intent is for the reader to feel good and learn something new. The first part of the book lists movies and television shows of all genres in which the reader is given interesting tidbits about the people behind the scenes, the actors and directors along with the cultural aspects. Some old favorites are mentioned, for example, Jacques Cousteau, South, Gorillas in the Mist and Doctor Who. Newer mentions are Casino Royale, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Game of Thrones and Downton Abbey. There is also a section with ten suggestions on how to fix pop culture. The interesting factoids that can be found within these pages are also accompanied by cartoon-like drawings and black and white photos from movies.

The back of the book has more resources for the reader just in case they didn't get enough information. According to Harmon, “There are a lot of things going on in this book. There are words, there are numbers, there are lists, there are illustrations, and there are probably some typo-os, too, but there are also, beneath and above all that, a genuine desire to turn readers on to exciting new things and under appreciated old things and to make entertainment edifying.” Readers will be entertained as they browse through the pages. Old and young alike will recognize many of their favorite bits of pop culture history. This is a lively and humorous read fit for any home library.

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