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Title: Celia
Author: Christelle Vallat
Illustrations: Stephanie Augusseau
Publisher: Peter Pauper Press, Inc.
ISBN: 9781441315366


Would you be willing to stand in a line to tell your sorrows to someone who was willing to listen? Well, there is a woman in a small town who does listen and she is known as Celia.

Towns people of all shapes, sizes and ages stand in line daily to whisper their worries in Celia's listening ear. When they are done there is a small and simple payment which is a tiny seed. A small boy by the name of Julian realizes, while in line, that he has lost his seed. As a result, he feels he must hold on to his sorrow a little while longer. Celia spends her day listening and collecting the seeds. When she is done she puts the seeds into a wheel barrow. The next day she embarks on a journey sharing the seeds and turning the many sorrows into brilliantly colored balloons, frosting for cupcakes and cookies, apples and flowers. She stumbles across a lonely seed on the ground. When she picks it up she knows just who it belongs to and what she must do. She meets Julian and spends time getting to know him. You'll never guess what happens next.

Young readers will enjoy this simple story of friendship. Black and white illustrations with a hint of color along with extreme shapes with vibrant colors add an emotional feel to the story. This tale opens up dialogue for parents and teachers when they discuss feelings and emotions that will help little ones learn how to deal with them, embrace them and share them.

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