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Title: Curlilocks and the Three Pink Pandas
Author: Yolanda King
Illustrations: Fanny Liem
Publisher: Tangled Press
ISBN: 9780991027217


If you love a twist to an old tale then you will enjoy this cute remake of a little brown girl and pink bears.

Curlilocks is an adorable little brown skinned girl with long ringlets of curly hair. Like most children she is curious at play and can sometimes get side tracked. When asked to pick berries but stay close to the fence, Curlilocks finds that she has wandered away from home. When she stumbles across a bright yellow cottage she can't help but explore its contents.

Similar to the tale of Goldilocks and the three bears with a twist of pink pandas, little readers will welcome this interesting story. Colorful illustrations bring this lively tale to life. Simple sentence structure with familiar wording make for an easy beginner read. Parents and teachers can utilize this tool to get young readers involved with a quick Q&A and perhaps have fun acting out the scenes themselves.

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