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Title: Whaley's Big Adventure
Author: Carol P. Roman
Illustrations: Alexander Luke
Publisher: Carol P. Roman
ISBN: 9781494845117


Did you know that there are 40 different types of whales living in the oceans around the world today? If you have little readers who enjoy whales, then this story will have them smiling from ear to ear.

Whaley is a blue whale and a mammal, which means he is warm blooded, and breathes air. Whaley is going on an adventure to explore the ocean and along the way he will encounter a lot of different types of whales. Whaley meets Owen the Orca and learns that Orcas are the fastest creatures in the sea. Whaley also meets Gary the Gray whale. Gray whales don't have teeth, instead they have a comb like strainer called a baleen. As Whaley continues on with his adventure he encounters Whale Sharks, Belugas and Sperm whales too.

Author Carole P. Roman educates young readers about all the different whales that live in the ocean. Water colored images give a sense of what it must be like to swim with these whales. Simple sentences make this educational story easy and fun to read.

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