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Title: The Mythic Forest
Author: Louis Eliopoulos
ISBN: 9781492849148


Erich was a prince and only son of King Thorsten and Queen Birgit. He took it upon himself to visit the room where the King kept his valuables. He always admired the Sword of Princes, which one day would be his. On this particular visit he decided to take the sword from its locked room and show it to his new friend and love Zel, or Rapunzel, who lived in the Dark Wood and legendary Fabelwald, the Mythic Forest. Zel was kept in a tower where her grandmother, the witch Luciana, made sure she was protected from the outside world.

One day in the woods Erich discovered the tower and its secret. He would sneak into the tower and tell Zel stories of his castle, of pigs, cows, goats, and other things she had never seen or heard of before. Erich was in love with her but didn't think he could ever be with her because his father wanted him to become King. Erich on the other hand, wanted to hunt and hang out with the Knights and Squires so that he could learn to use the sword.

When Luciana discovered that Zel had been receiving a visitor she banished Zel and set a trap for Erich. Zel was discovered by faeries who helped her survive. They learned that Zel was pregnant and it was possible that her children would have faerie tendencies. Zel longed to see Erich again and wondered if he knew she was pregnant with twins.

When Erich arrived to see Zel he realized a trap had been set. He fell from the tower and when he awoke he was blind. Another group of faeries cared for him as well. He learned to eat, walk and trap small animals for meat, especially since the faeries wouldn't. They cared for him and in his long journey with them he too wondered and longed to see Zel again. Little did either of them know that a war was brewing and the faeries had a plan. Would the couple ever see each other again? Will their children be the next to sit on the throne?

Author Louis Eliopoulos has created a magical story that readers, who are fans of stories of old, will enjoy following the journey of its main characters. This fast paced read has loads of visual imagery which puts the reader into the story.