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Title: The Page Turners
Author: Kevin T. Johns
Publisher: Cat & Bean Publishing
ISBN: 9780992004101


Bullies are no fun and unfortunately they seem to be in every school diligently picking on kids who are different from themselves. But, when magic inserts itself into the world of a young teen boy who unknowingly unleashes it into his world strange things can happen.

Nate Bourdain was very fond of books about heroes, wizards, magic and the fact that the underdog always comes out on top. He and his bookworm friends, who were somewhat outcasts from the rest of the social groups that form in high school, created their own club called “The Page Turners.” They would meet after school in the library and pick a favorite tale to read, share and discuss. The club members were Danny Fitch and Spenser Killick, two of Nate's best and only friends.

Nate's troubles all began when he was caught staring at Jeannine Michard, a high school senior and goddess, according to Nate. As a result he is beaten and humiliated by Tony “Touchdown Thompson” in the hallway for everyone to see. For Nate, this was the last straw and he could no longer contain his anger or frustration of always being the victim. Little did he know how much his world would change upon the discovery of an old book that had not been seen in the library before. His tantrum during the club meeting and a few drips of blood from his cut lip unleash a villain from a story.

The book was thrown in the trash by Nate and discovered by an old janitor named Ray Crawford. The janitor experiences weird dreams since his recent claim to the book. But when a stranger shows up and takes the book from him is when the story takes a new turn. Earlier, Danny falls victim to an eerie strange man who appears to be attacking his supposed girlfriend, by the way his friends didn't know about her initially, and falls from a roof. The accident lands him in the hospital with a strange silver necklace around his neck. With this new turn of events the Page Turners have 3 days to find the villain, Valande the Lover, a vampire from the Dark Wedding Books. If they don't someone could die.

Author Kevin T. Johns has created a real page turner with this debut novel. Young readers, especially boys, will love the action involved and will be able to relate to its main characters. The story is fast paced but also gives readers a chance to get to know the backstory of the characters without getting bored. The vivid imagery gives readers the sense of being right there to share in the adventure. If parents and teachers are having difficulty in getting boys to read, then this is a highly recommended read and will soon have two more books to look forward to.

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