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Chasing the Milky Way
Erin E. Moulton
Penguin Group
Lucille Peevey dreams of only one thing, to escape Sunnyside Trailer Parks. She has even created a checklist to keep her on tract:
  1. Save up registration Money
  2. Complete, practice, and program PingPing200
  3. Go to BotBlock Challenge (and win)
  4. Make dreams come true (see dream charts, p. 7 and 8)
The plan for taking control of their lives is in place…
The only problem is we haven’t crossed off number one on our list, or number two, and three and four can’t get done until the other two are done.

Lucille and her best friend Cam have been mowing lawns, raking leaves, and accepting charity for the past year to save up for the BotBlock Jr. Robot Challenge having saved $352.50 they are still $10 short for the registration money. They have T-Minus 36 hours before takeoff to Seahook, NH and T-Minus 75 hours until the competition. When Cam doesn’t have to help with his siblings he comes before and after school to help build, program, and practice with the Bot, PingPing 200, and Lucille works on it before school, after school and when she doesn’t have to deal with Mama’s “episodes”. Winning the Challenge means $5,000 and 15% college tuition which will help Lucille get out of Sunnyside Trailer Parks, get help for Mama, and send her to college.
For the past 4 years Lucille, Mama, Gram, and Izzy have been visiting Seahook, NH for the BotBlock Jr. Robot Challenge and this year Lucille is finally old enough to compete in the challenge. With Gram gone her only hope in getting to Seahook for the BotBlock Challenge is Mama. Mama is suffering from a mental illness and refuses to take her meds (goddamn government medications). Lucille’s checklist still needs crossing off, Mama refusing to take her meds is a setback, and getting to the competition is 3 days away. Can Lucille and Cam save up the last $10 and make it to the BotBlock Challenge with a completed and programed PingPing200 in time to compete? Or will Cam’s family obligations and Mama’s slow downward spiral set them back? What other challenges will Lucy face as she strives to reach her dreams?

Author Erin E. Moulton has created a story that surround a family's history of mental illness and the challenges it brings. Young readers will get engaged and even feel hope for the characters in their quest. This is a great coming of age story but also shares in an emotional journey that young audiences will be able to relate to. Short chapters make for a quick read. Vivid imagery will put young readers right in the mix with the characters.

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Courtesy of Aimee Bernard, Early Education Teacher