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Title: Lyra to the Rescue
Author: L.J Nance
Illustrations: Karen Webb
ISBN: 978-1493583102


Lyra, a little mermaid, lived in the ocean with her family. One day, close to the shore, she saw a young girl playing with her dog. Lyra longed for a friend. So, she set out to find a pet of her own. She saw colorful fish, seahorses and turtles, but they weren't interested in being her pet. All of the ocean creatures she encountered just didn't seem to fit as pets. So, she swam back to the shore as a storm passed and discovered a stranded baby dolphin. She hurried to rescue it and returned it to its family. Could this dolphin be a new found friend for Lyra?

Colorful illustrations depict ocean life and creatures. Young readers will be able to identify sea animals as they read the simple sentences. Parents and teachers can use this tool to discuss ocean litter and the sea life that it harms. Lyra's website is a fun place to visit. Readers can sign up for her newsletter and receive free Lyra and Flick stickers as well as being entered in a drawing for cool gifts. Readers can also find coloring sheets.