Book Review: Pi-Rat!

Title: Pi-Rat!
Author: Maxine Lee
Illustrator: Maxine Lee
Publisher: Tiger Tales Books
Ages: 3 to 7
ISBN: 978159251434


Do pirates really have the most fun? Is there nothing that their afraid of?
One little rat is the captain of a ship notably known as The Soapy Dodger. He and his motley crew will eat your dinner, and steal your treasure. These little rascals don't abide by any rules. Big scary green crocodiles don't scare them and neither do big toothy sharks looking for a pirate snack. But, low and behold, something is out there that has the pirates re-thinking their misbehavin' ways. There is something out in the water and on the land and it's big, and hairy and the crew of pirates are bound to be doomed. Could it be a momster? You'll have to read the story to see.

Oversized colorful pictures along with loads of piratey words is what young readers will find displayed across the pages. Young mateys will be taken away by all the little hidden treasures that can be found within the pages. Parents and teachers can use this charming tool to help toddlers identify objects, animals, shapes and colors. The surprise twist at the end is also a very special treat.

This book was donated to a child in need.