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If you are a fan of faeries you will love this adventure and coming of age story.

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Her Unwelcome Inheritance
J. Aleksandr Wootton


Petra has lived with her mother Christina and Aunt Penny, her mother’s best friend, since the day she was born. She was raised not believe in fairy tales. She had little to no interaction with television or internet and she is convinced something happened to her mother to make her so paranoid about it all. On her last day of high school she came home to find a message on the answering machine meant for her mother that will quickly change her life. Aunt Penny explains her mother’s past with a stalker claiming to be a Faerie King and some of the secrets they have been hiding from her. She even confirms a memory Petra has of a fire when she was very young. This confirmed Petra’s assumptions of her mother but not what she would have thought. When Christina learns what Penny has done and learns of the message from the stalker she has been hiding from, she decides to send Petra to her godfather, Uncle Tod, in Virginia where she will attend Lightfoot College and be safe. The night before the trip, Aunt Penny tells Petra a memory of a visit they had with her grandmother and the gift Petra’s grandmother gave to Penny. Later during the trip to Virginia Penny shows Petra more of how her gift works, forcing her to rethink her beliefs and how she perceives the world. While with Uncle Tod Petra again is challenged on what she knows to be real and fantasy as she is introduced to his dear friends and the people who work for him. Living with her godfather was supposed to keep her safe but she quickly finds out that her mother’s problems are becoming her own. Can Petra set aside her own beliefs in order to understand her heritage? Will she be able to avoid the King of Faeries long enough to decide her fate and the fate of the Faerie world?

Author J. Aleksandr Wootton is a fan of faeries. He has created a coming of age story that young readers will enjoy. Vivid scenery and likeable characters makes for an interesting and fun read. Wootton is a Virginian and a bookworm, in the Tolkienish meaning of 'worm' as 'dragon'. He hoards books in shelves and spare rooms, and likes to sleep surrounded by them. In his spare time, he chairs the folklore department at Lightfoot College, where his research focus is on post-war Faerie.