Book Giveaway: The Toothless Tooth Fairy

If your little reader believes in the tooth fairy, then they will love this cute tale about Bella. For a chance to win all you have to do is follow, share and leave a comment with your name and email. Offer expires 9/5/14.

Title: The Toothless Tooth Fairy
Author: Shanelle Hicks
Illustrations: Anca Delia Budeanu
Publisher: Mirror Publishing
ISBN: 9781612251400


Bella, a beautiful tooth fairy, was very excited about the upcoming Miss Tooth Fairy Smile Contest that will be held on cloud Nine. While Bella was showing the judges her beautiful flight another fairy named Zelda played a nasty trick on Bella by sprinkling wing stop powder on her wings. Bella, unfortunately, bumped a wall and lost a tooth. Bella was very sad but put together a plan to borrow a tooth from a child that would soon loose one anyway. Three children were selected and when Bella flew to visit them to borrow a tooth her plan failed. One tooth she lost, another had a cavity and the final child's tooth wouldn't budge. Will Bella find a replacement tooth and discover Zelda's plot to sabotage her? You will have to read the story to see.

Author Shanelle Hicks has created a unique story children will love. Diverse characters are represented in the whimsical and colorful illustrations. Young readers will love the message the story share about truth and friendship.