Book Giveaway: Mahavira The Hero of NonViolence

Wisdom Tales shares the story of a great human being along with a culture that is present today.
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Title: Mahavira The Hero of Nonviolence
Author: Manoj Jain
Illustrations: Demi
Publisher: Wisdom Tales
ISBN: 9781937786212


Mahavira is a story of a young prince who was destined to teach peace and non-violence. He was born in India and his name was Varhhaman. As he grew he learned through books and wanted to become a monk. He acquired knowledge through his spiritual journey and achieved the three spiritual jewels. In the Jainism faith they were called right faith, right knowledge and right conduct. He loved all living things. He had no fear. Others in later years that practiced peace were Ghandi and Dr. Martin Luther King.

Wisdom Tales has provide young readers with another wonderful book on cultural history. This wonderful story reflects the life of a very spiritual being who lived a long time ago. The cultural knowledge young readers will obtain is vast when they read and learn about Mahavira. The illustrations found inside these pages are exceptionally detailed, vivid and colorful. They truly bring to life the story and add so much character and beauty. Parents, teachers and children will be able to enjoy this story over and over again. This book is an excellent addition to any home library.