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Title: Peter Panda Melts Down
Author: Artie Bennett
Illustrations: John Nez
Publisher: Blue Apple
ISBN: 9781609054113


What do you do when your toddler has a melt down? You just have to remain calm or do you?

Peter Panda is only three. And, like most three years old he likes to play with his truck, get a cookie at the market, play at the park and visit the library. But, sometimes Peter isn't able to control his emotions, especially when it's time to go. This is when Peter Panda melts dowwwwnn! Moma Panda is very patient and always sees it when it's about to happen:

Uh-oh. Here it comes. Here comes that frown.”

Peter falls to the ground, or runs about waving his paws in the air or lays down and kicks his feet all about. But, after a long and busy day and it's time for bed what do you think happened with Mama Panda?

Author Artie Bennett has created a wonderful way of showing young readers just what happens when little ones don't get their way. Parents, especially new mommies, can share this story with their toddler and talk with them about tantrums. Caregivers can also use this as a tool in a classroom environment. Colorful illustrations by John Nez bring this charming story to life.