Book Review: The Royal Ranger Book 12 - Ranger's Apprentice

Title: Ranger's Apprentice: The Royal Ranger
Author: John Flanagan
Publisher: Penguin Group
ISBN: 9780399163609


It's finally happened. The wonderfully exciting series has come full circle. Readers who have enjoyed following along can now see the changes in its beloved characters. Will Treaty has lost Alyss and as a result he is now a middle aged man having trouble moving forward in his life. Halt, with the help of others, devices a plan to attempt to shake will from his sadness. The plan is to get Will to train the first female apprentice. Will finds it difficult to resist the challenge.

The new apprentice is a spoiled, headstrong princess prepared to defy her parents at every turn. The young girl is Princess Madelyn of Aralven, or Maddie the daughter of Cassandra and Horace. And so the training begins. Readers will see and enjoy the similarities of Will's early training with Halt. Maddie's training turns her behavior around and transitions her into a more respectable and honorable character. As the story winds to an end readers will see other characters change as their stories wrap up.

Overall, Flanagan does a fine job of wrapping up the series and possibly leaving room for another series with Maddie. Young readers, especially boys who have yet to read this series will pick it up with haste and make time for reading. Parents and teachers can add this series to their libraries and enjoy reading it as well. This is a fast paced read with vivid imagery and loads of action.

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