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Title: Backspin
Author: Pete Strobl
Publisher: The Scoring Factory
ISBN: 9780988179905


Sports fans who are looking for an interesting read will enjoy Pete Strobl's adventures in basketball. Readers will find the trials and tribulations, humor, successes all spoken straight from the hip. Strobl shares his personal experiences and how he learned and grew from them.

Strobl shares his experiences of traveling across country from Los Angeles to Niagara Falls. It was during this time that he experienced a lot of firsts. There was cold and snow, juggling education with sports at a major university. Although he had a great opportunity, Strobl had to face not being the guy that everyone went to. He wasn't getting as much playtime on the court, but he also knew playing ball was like a full time job. He made lots of friends and learned plenty from his coaches.

When Strobl was invited to play ball in Europe he jumped at the chance. Once again he was faced with lots of firsts. Flying to Europe was the longest flight he had ever been on, the scenery of vineyards and the foreign customs. In addition to that, he was miles from home and felt very alone. The European language and customs, playing basketball in Europe would also prove to be a challenge. With all of this piled on the stress to perform well and not to be sent home was a point where the ability to adapt would be beneficial.

Strobl has basically put together a memoir of his experiences as a basketball player who traveled to Europe. His career as a ball player created an environment where he could learn, grow and thrive. Readers will find photos and “Backspin” segments in which Strobl shares his personal thoughts from his childhood and other experiences. This is a good read for anyone interested in basketball and traveling abroad to play ball. There are highs and lows of doing this and Strobl doesn't leave anything out.