Book Giveaway: Belches, Burps and Farts Oh My!

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Title: Belches, Burps and Farts Oh My!
Author: Artie Bennett
Illustrations: Pranas T. Naujokaitis
Publisher: Blue Apple
ISBN: 9781609053925


If you have a child that's curious then this is the book for you. Boys and perhaps some girls may want to know why everyone belches, burps and farts.

Young readers will laugh out loud as they learn all about belches, burps and farts. This hilarious fact filled book has fun silly rhyme that points out facts about all things gassy. A cool fun fact shared is that if we lay on our backs we can't burp. In China if you belch at the table it tells the cook that you loved their food.

While burps and belches leave by mouth, Farts will exit farther south. The more you belch, the less you'll fart. You could even keep a chart.”

Another cool fun fact is that all creatures fart, even those underwater with the exception of jellyfish, sponges and anemones. Snakes fart to drive away an enemy. Fish fart to communicate and lonely beetles fart to draw in a mate. If you are wondering what foods can cause the worst gas try eating onions, cabbage, turnips, or beans.

Readers will learn about how these gases are made and how they process through our bodies. Hilarious and colorful illustrations, especially the color green, are what create the humor and laughability of creating these extreme noises. The back of the book has a list of Fart-Tastic Facts & Burp-Tacular Bits where readers will find more than they ever wanted to know about bodily gases such as:

A person can buy special underwear meant to absorb the smell of a fart. It is cheaper, though, just to walk away quickly or blame the dog.”

Author Artie Bennett along with illustrator Pranas T. Naujokaitis have provided a simple but informative way of teaching children about bodily gases. Teachers, parents and caregivers can use this tool to open up dialogue about persistent belching, burping and farting and where it is appropriate.