Book Review: Mommy's Little Sunflowers

Tiger Tales Books has a story that will make you smile. This colorful little tool will teach young readers so many different things. If your little wants love a story with adventure look no further.

Title: Mommy's Little Sunflowers
Author: Angela McAllister
Illustrator: Alison Edgson
Publisher: Tiger Tales Books
Ages: 3 to 7
ISBN: 978158925154-0


Scamp and Scurry are mice brothers. Today, when their Mommy picked them up from school they shared what they learned about sunflowers, or funflowers, which is what they liked to call them. Scamp even had a seed to plant so he could grow one for his Mommy. The next morning his seed was gone. Scurry had eaten it. So, they set out on an adventure to find funflowers and gather some seeds. With the help of a gentle cow they succeeded. But, when the seed is planted nothing seemed to be happening. Will there funflower surprise ever work?

Young readers will enjoy this sweet story. Bright colorful illustrations done in soft pastel colors invite young readers to enjoy the beautiful scenery as they turn the pages. Simple sentence structure is easy to learn and read for beginners. Young readers can also learn colors, shapes, and see lots of recognizable objects. They may even want to learn how to plant and grow flowers themselves.