Book Review: The Note Hunter Case of the Haunted Swamp

Title: The Note Hunter: Case of the Haunted Swamp
Author: Cliff MacGillivray & Kelly Ward
Illustrations: Phil Mendez/Dwayne Ferguson
Publisher: Beet Fizz, LLC


Are you ready for an exciting mystery that has adventure, creepy crawlies and colorful characters? Come along and meet a pint size detective known as The Note Hunter, aka T. W. Strouse who is on the move. He is a mouse but not your ordinary rodent. His business is investigating, mostly mysteries that have to do with music. He loves music and even plays the piano. He has been hired by Lionel T. Hollingsworth, a philanthropist and owner of a museum of music, to find a very important piece of sheet music written by Wolfgang Mozart. It is The Perfect Symphony, with notes written in real gold. Apparently, the notes, were magical and wanted a life of fame and glory all their own. They disappeared. The little detective must first embark on a journey to the spooky swamps of Louisiana. This is where his mysterious adventure begins. Will the Note Hunter find the missing musical notes? You'll have to read the story to see.

If you love Disney you will love this little mouse detective. This creative adventure was written by Hollywood veterans Cliff MacGillivray and Kelly Ward. These two have written hundreds of scripts from Disney, Warner Brothers, MGM, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. Colorful illustrations are lively and reminiscent of classic Disney cartoons. The illustrations alone will enhance the readers experience. This would be an excellent starter for any boy who won't pick up a book. Parents and teachers could use this middle grade guide for a read-a-loud project. This fast paced read will keep kids engaged and even excited about a fun mystery.