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Title: Room in My Heart
Author: Zetta Elliott
Illustrations: Pradyut Chatterjee
Publisher: Rosetta Press
ISBN: 9781500908232


Nikki and Natalie are sisters who now live with their mother when their parents were divorced. On Tuesdays and the weekends they spend quality time with their dad. They cook, play cards, bowl and visit museums. One day, their dad picked them up and he wasn't alone. His new friend Sylvia was with him. Natalie liked Sylvia, it was Nikki who wasn't so sure about her dads new friend. The next weekend Nikki decided not to go. She was sad and confused. She was worried that her dad wouldn't love her as much anymore. When aunt Betty came to visit she had a heart to heart talk with Nikki to help her understand how change can be a good thing. What do you think Nikki did when her dad came to visit again?

Author Zetta Elliott has created a great tool for kids and parents to discuss divorce and change. This can be a difficult topic and hard for kids to grasp. Parents and caregivers can use this tool to discuss feelings, emotions and how everyone involved can make room fin their heart and lives for people they care about. Colorful illustrations and simple sentence structure make this book a great easy read.