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Title: Animal Teachers
Author: Janet Halfmann
Illustrations: Katy Hudson
Publisher:  Blue Apple Books
ISBN:  9781609053918


There is an old saying that “knowledge is power” and it holds true. So when moms and dads take time to teach their children they are helping them to learn and grow so they can take care of themselves. Animals are no different.

Baby chimps learn to eat nuts and other good foods in the forest. Mama Chimp teaches them how to crack nuts with a simple stone. Baby elephants can do lots of things with their trunks. Mama Elephant teaches them how to suck up water and squirt it into their mouths. Baby Bear is taught to catch fish from a stream. He does this by watching his Mama.

This very informative book about baby animals and their parents will engage and teach young readers that all creatures have to learn to survive just like little people. Beautiful water color illustrations are soothing and vivid. These colorful illustrations depict animal life and help to bring the story to life. Each segment asks readers’ questions pertaining to the animals teachings. The back of the book lists more fun facts about the animals that are shown throughout the pages.

Author Janet Halfmann has created another informative way for children to learn about animals and their habitats. Parents, teachers and caregivers will value this guide as a trustworthy resource and way to engage and peek the curiosity of young readers.


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