Book Review: Ziggy's Big Idea

Title: Ziggy's Big Idea
Author: Llana Long
Illustrations: Rasa Joni
Publisher: Kar-Ben Publishing
ISBN: 9780761390541


Ziggy is full of ideas. Some of his ideas turn into inventions like his Ziggy ball. It really isn't a ball but a cube. His Papi is not to sure that kind of ball will catch on. Everyday Ziggy and his Papi would go to the bakery to pick up bread to peddle on busy street corners. Ziggy always wanted to help but Papi said he had to wait until he was older. One day, Ziggy watched the baker make his bread, unfortunately it always seemed to be doughy in the middle. That night in a dream Ziggy knew a way to help the baker. His big idea was actually quite simple. When Ziggy arrived at the bakery the next morning he took over the kitchen. He rolled the dough into a wiggly snake, then pulled it into a circle shape and placed it into boiling water. The baker then placed it into the oven. This delightful bread is known as a bagel. This was Ziggy's big idea.

Children and parents will love the story of how the bagel came to be. Although it is quite a tale, kids will want to come up with some ideas of their own. The illustrations are lively and colorful and young readers can have fun picking out recognizable objects. Parents and teachers can share and open up dialogue about Jewish culture.