Book Review: Elan, Son of Two Peoples

Title: Elan, Son of Two Peoples
Author: Heidi Smith Hyde
Illustrations: Mikela Prevost
Publisher: Kar-Ben Publishing
ISBN: 978071390527


Elan is traveling with his family to New Mexico. He will learn about his culture and family roots. His parents are Jewish and Native American. He has already learned about the Tovah, in which he wears his own Tallit and chant the Bamidibar. In New Mexico he will share in the Corn Festival, eat peppermint candy and drink sarasparilla. The food will be different and he will listen to his grandfather tell stories by the fire. There is so much for Elan to learn and do in a short amount of time. By the time he leaves, Elan will become a member of Acoma tribesman.

Kar-Ben books provides young readers with literature that will educate them on Jewish culture. Author Heidi Smith Hyde has shared a story that puts two great cultures together. Young readers are provided with a gentle story that tale of what life is like in both great nations. Beautiful illustrations filled with warm colors make this an inviting read. Parents and teachers will benefit from having this book in their library.