Book Review: The Patchwork Torah

Title: The Patchwork Torah
Author: Allison Ofanansky
Illustrations: Elsa Oriol
Publisher: Kar-Ben Publishing
ISBN: 9781467704274


It was time for Simchat Torah. A young boy named David, would celebrate his grandfathers new Torah. It was wartime and David would learn to be a sofer or scribe like his grandfather. As time passed David saw his grandfather receive may Torah's that needed repair. Each Torah had a story behind it. Soon, David had children of his own and his son Josh watched David, and still the collection of Torah's grew. One day, David's granddaughter suggested that he recycle all of the old Torah's to make one. Each piece would have it's own story to tell. But, will David have it ready in time for Simchat Torah?

Author Allison Ofanansky has put together a wonderful story of family, tradition and Jewish culture. Illustrations with warm colors of brown, yellow and orange bring to life this tale and each story behind the Torah. Young readers will be engaged. Parents and teachers will be able to share and discuss the terms and history regarding Jewish customs.