Book Review: The Whispering Town

Title: The Whispering Town
Author: Jennifer Elvgren
Illustrations: Fabio Santomauro
Publisher: Kar-Ben Publishing
ISBN: 9781467711951


A long time ago in a quiet Danish town was a family keeping a Jewish family hidden quiet in a basement. Why? To save them from the Nazi's and concentration camps. Young Anett would go to the dark cellar. To find his way he would listen to the whispering voices that guided him. He would bring them food and books to read. In three days the family would be taken to the harbor to sail away to safety. But, if the clouded night sky didn't clear they may not find their way. After a few scares from the Nazi police pounding on doors, Anett had an idea. What if the towns people whispered in the night to help guide the family? Soon, his idea spread around through the town. The family did listen to the voices and soon sailed away.

During war time lots of family were hidden in safe homes and later escaped the concentration camps. Author Jennifer Elvgren has put together a story of truth that young readers can understand and learn about Denmark during war time. Black and white illustrations with splashes of color create a mood that is grim but still light enough that young readers will understand the urgency and pressure that villagers and the families, they were trying to help, were under. Parents and teachers will be able to open up dialogue regarding this historical time. This is an excellent story about Jewish culture.