Book Giveaway: My Yellow Balloon

Giant balloons are fantastically fun, bright, shiny, squeaky and bouncy. What would you do with a giant yellow balloon?

Title: My Yellow Balloon
Author: Tiffany Papageorge
Illustrations: Erwin Madrid
Publisher:  Minoan Moon Publishing
ISBN:  9780990337003


Joey loved the carnival and was excited it had finally come to town. He could smell the popcorn and hear the music. When he saw a funny little man with a giant mustache holding a gazillion balloons he was suddenly mesmerized. The balloon man looked at Joey and tied a bright yellow one on Joey’s wrist and soon Joey and his new balloon became inseparable.

Joey and his yellow balloon did everything together. They played trains, cowboys, dominoes and even raced in a wagon. One day the balloon slipped from his wrist and floated away. Joey was devastated and his world lost all of its color. He couldn’t think about anything else but his big yellow balloon. Over time, little by little, his world became a little less gloom. One day he noticed something very special, something bright and yellow, that he had forgotten. Can you guess what it was?

Author Tiffany Papageorge invites children to the world of color. Colorful illustrations depict the mood of the character as he goes from happy to sad and the colors go from bright and cheery to gray and dreary. Parents and teachers will love opening dialogue regarding feelings and emotions with young children.