Book Review: Uncle John's Weird Weird World

If you like weird trivia you will love Uncle John's Weird Weird World.

Title: Uncle John’s Weird Weird World
Publisher:  Portable Press
ISBN: 9781626861732


Do you have a brain like a sponge? Do you love trivia? You will love reading Uncle John’s Weird Weird World. Readers will enjoy 288 pages of information you could use. This guide is perfect for reading in the bathroom, bedroom or on the road. Information about the lava lamp can be found here and it is a very interesting story.

If you are into Symbolic Origins then you can learn more than you bargained for about Biohazard, Star and Crescent, the Ankh and more. There are 40 uses for WD-40. It can remove grime from book covers, chrome in bathrooms, eases arthritis, cleans piano keys and cleans dog doo from tennis shoes. Curious readers will also find recipes for cooking road kill.

Why do police officers wear blue uniforms? In 1829 London, Bobbies wore dark blue paramilitary style uniforms. New York City adopted the colors in 1853. If you love a great festival, readers will find 12 of the most bizarre inside these pages. There is camel wrestling, Beltore Fire, Mike the Headless, Chicken Days and a mud festival too.

The Body Farm will tell you everything you wanted to know about decomposing bodies. Located in Tennessee and founded in 1971 by forensic anthropologist Dr. William Bass. An unidentified man from Tegelen, The Netherlands, died at home in 2003 He had called an ambulance because he felt sick, but died before paramedics arrived. The man’s home was full of dozens of pet parrots. Cause of death: asphyxiation due to over powering parrot flatulence.

The pages are filled with interesting facts and little known tidbits, along with things that will make you think. Brainteasers and anagrams can also be found amongst the weird and macabre. Uncle John’s reference guide has something for everyone. It’s so addictive you will want to use it with caution.

Courtesy of Media Masters Publicity