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Title: When the Animals Saved Earth
Author: Alexis York Lumbard
Illustrations: Demi
Publisher:  Wisdom Tales Press
ISBN:  9781937786373


“A gem of an island glimmered in the bright, blue sea. Here the winged and webbed, hoofed and horned, mighty and meek, all lived in peace.”

Author’s Note
This book was inspired by a 1,000-year-old fable with a fascinating, multi-faith history. The first version, The Case of the Animals Versus Man Before the King of the Jinns, was written in Arabic by the Muslim Brethren of Purity and appeared in 10th-Century Iraq.


Fables are always fun and interesting. They can teach lessons to young readers. This fable shares a story of animals living in peace. They had not known of humans. When a storm brings a ship to shore the animals faced danger. The humans shackled them and did horrible things to them. The humans adorned themselves in hats with animal feathers and caged the others. The animals that fled went to ask for help from King Bersaf. In his presence animals and humans spoke and shared their concerns. Will King Bersaf help them restore order and peace?

Parents, teachers and young readers will delight in this tale of co-habitation with its lessons that inspire taking care of earth and its inhabitants. The magnificent illustrations are more like art and promises to keep readers engaged. Simple sentence structure make for a fast and easy read. This wonderful book would be a great addition to any library.