Book Giveaway: Some Bunny To Talk To

Book Giveaway!
Is your child having difficulty dealing with troubling events in his/her life? Are you not sure if you can really help them overcome an event that is life changing. This little book is packed with information that will help you and your child.

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Some Bunny To Talk To
Cheryl Sterling
BIBLIO: 2015, Magination Press, Ages 4-7, $9.95.
REVIEWER: Kristi Bernard
FORMAT: Picture Book
ISBN: 9781433816505

There is no easy way to help children understand things that are difficult regarding family. Sometimes it’s necessary to seek the advice of a professional. This guide will help parents and children better understand that there is someone who can help. This guide will help parents and their children better understand how a therapist can help.  Therapy for children can be as simple as a conversation. Bright colorful pictures show a cute little bunny who simply wants to talk and work through his feelings. Parents and their children can talk about how a therapist can engage a child, and parents can also encourage confidence and enthusiasm. The back of this book has notes to help guide parents and caregivers. It offers guidance and support in preparation to visit a therapist. For example: There is a section on how the book can help, and how to pave the way for a positive therapy experience.

Once you have decided to seek therapy for your child, you may want to ask a trusted professional for a recommendation. In order for a child to have the best match it’s good for a parent to consider meeting the recommended therapist first. Once you have chosen a therapist, prepare your child for his first meeting. All primary caregivers should be actively included in their child’s therapy.

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