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Title: With A Friend by Your Side
Author:  Barbara Kerley
Publisher:  National Geographic Society
ISBN: 9781426319051


We all have a sidekick. It can be a person, pet or even a favorite toy. The best part of having and being a friend is having someone to share with. These pages are filled with wonderful photography. Author Barbara Kerley has always valued the importance of friendship. Readers will see first-hand by viewing the stunning images of what friends do together. Readers may even recognize similarities in some of the things they do and share with their friends or family. Short sentences put rhyme and focus to what readers will see, therefore connecting the vibrant photography to the meaning of friendship. For example, one image shows a young girl dressed in pink sharing an ice cream cone coated with sprinkles with a large white dog with black spots. Another image has three boys sliding down a muddy slide. The words turn the readers focus to friends being brave together. Another photo shows two girls sitting on the floor in the aisle at a library sharing a favorite book. There is lots to see and ponder.

Author Barbara Kerley wants readers to see and feel what it means to have and be a friend no matter what you like to do. Sharing is caring and this heart felt view into the meaning of friendship would be a very important reminder or tool for any library.

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