Children's Book Review: Red Cloud's War

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Title: Red Cloud’s War
Author: Paul Goble
Illustrations: Paul Goble
Publisher:  Wisdom Tale Press
ISBN:  9781937786380


In the mid 1800’s America was going through many changes. The Civil War had ended and the reconstruction period was underway. Native Americans were being displaced and pioneers were traveling west for the gold rush.

During the gold rush the most commonly used trail was The Bozeman Trail. This trail went through the Lakota territory. Because this area was so popular for travel the U.S. government built army forts to protect the pioneers from Indian attacks. This route threatened the hunting ground of Native Americans. As a result, Chief Red Cloud gathered his people in preparation to fight. Red Cloud’s War lasted two years. His men attacked forts, soldiers and stopped pioneers from utilizing the trail. The U.S. Troops were not prepared for such a battle and decided to make peace instead of war. The Lakota were moved to a reservation. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before gold rush enthusiasts still continued to trespass.

Author and historian Paul Goble has reunited readers with a story that speaks truths about what happened during Red Cloud’s War. The foreword is written by Robert Lewis, a Cherokee, Navaho, and Apache storyteller. Illustrations, created by Goble, were on loan for this project from the South Dakota Art Museum. The color and detail truly bring this story to life. Parents and teachers can engage readers with these historical events. This exciting account will have readers flipping the pages over and over again.

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