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Boston Jacky
L. A. Meyer
BIBLIO: 2013, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Ages 12 to 18, $9.99.
REVIEWER: Kristi Bernard
FORMAT: Young Adult
ISBN:  9780544439146

Boston Jacky is the eleventh book in the Bloody Jack Adventures series. Author L.A. Meyer was the acclaimed writer of the Bloody Jack Adventure series, which followed the exploits of an impetuous heroine who had fought her way up from the squalid streets of London to become an adventurer of the highest order. Meyer created the character while listening to a radio show that played nineteenth century songs featuring young girls who dressed up like boys so they could be with their boyfriends when they went out to sea. The saga of Boston Jacky continued with Jacky Faber in 1809 Boston. She was back checking on her business Faber Shipping Worldwide. But that isn’t all, her hope was to see her true love Jaimy Fletcher. Who, coincidentally, was already there and in disguise because he wasn’t very trusting of anyone. Jacky’s past continued to follow her and all of her spending had left her low on funds. She managed to buy her favorite hangout, a bar called the Pig and Whistle. She turned the bar into a place where intentions were good and she herself could perform. But, Jacky is not well liked in Boston because of the Irish workers she would bring to America. As a result, she had to deal with corrupt cops who threatened to burn down the establishments of anyone who wouldn’t by fire protection insurance and hang their required sign.  Jacky ended up going to Key West to collect gold she had hidden away to pay up debts. She wouldn’t be traveling alone, her rival Clarissa Worthington Howe was boarding. Clarissa admitted to being jealous of Jacky and longed for similar freedoms. While Jacky was away, Jaimy discovered a revealing painting of Jacky. He stayed in disguise and awaited her return. Back in Boston, Jacky was busy dealing with her new business, the Irish mob, corruption and political enemies.

Meyer’s saga continues to leave readers hanging. The romantic elements between Jacky and Jaimy have become a frustration for readers. It begs the question of will they stay together or not? The historical elements are also interesting and most likely based on researched facts. Readers will enjoy the female antagonist and adventure these tales share. If readers are curious about the background, out-takes, art, charts, songs and even the Jacky Faber store, she has her very own website. The final book in the series will be available soon. Meyer does provide readers with a sneek peek, in the back of the book, of the first chapter in the final book. Parents and teachers would enjoy this series as a classroom or home read-aloud.