Book Review: One Direction

One Direction is coming to Kansas City at Arrow Head Stadium!

One Direction
Lynn Peppas
BIBLIO: 2013, Crabtree Publishing Company, Ages 12 to 18, $8.95.
REVIEWER: Kristi Bernard
FORMAT: Young Adult
ISBN:  9780778710530

Boy bands have always been popular among teens. “The story of the band One Direction, called 1D for short, is a musical Cinderella story. A few years ago, the “boys” did not even know each other. Today, they are in the hottest group in the music industry – worldwide!” These popular fellows hale from the British Isles. The name of the group reflects the members’ confidence and ambition. Louis William Tomlinson is the oldest and loves to dress sharp. Niall James Horan is the only Irish member and is a fan of swing music. Zayn Jawaard Malik likes to draw and create caricatures. Harry Edward Styles is the youngest member and is a big Elvis Presley fan. Liam James Payne has overcome serious kidney issues. The group competed on X-Factor and didn’t win. Social media blew up with disappointed fans expressing their opinions. Simon Cowell, soon after, offered them a contract. Their first single “What Makes You Beautiful” reached number one in its first week. Fans are referred to as Directions. The group has a book out about their lives and role in the music world. In the future they want to create a more mature album. The back of the book has a timeline for all of their achievements and a glossary of terms. Readers who are fans of this group can learn so much about them here. Excellent photography provides an up close look into the lives of these popular fellows and their path to success.