Children's Book Review:Water Frog Polliwogs

Kids will have fun learning about the life of the North American bull frog.

Water Frog Polliwogs
Dawn Bluemel Oldfield
BIBLIO: 2013, Bearport Publishing Company, Ages 9 to 12, $21.32.
REVIEWER: Kristi Bernard
FORMAT: Non Fiction
ISBN:  9781617726064

What is a polliwog? There is no need to wonder anymore. This guide may be tiny like a polliwog but it is full of great facts that will teach readers more than they could ever imagine about polliwogs. Young readers will be introduced to an American bull frog polliwog first thing. Polliwogs swim in ponds and look like a little fish. Bull frogs are the largest type of frog in North America. An interesting fact about the bull frog is that they can weigh as much as five baseballs! A mother bull frog can lay up to 20,000 eggs at one time. It only takes about five days for the eggs to hatch and become a polliwog. There, little guys eat algae with their tiny teeth. In about a year the polliwog goes through some big changes. By the time the polliwog is two years old it looks like a frog but still has a short tail.

There is so much to learn and colorful photos show readers exactly what’s happening in the life stages of a polliwog. The glossary in the back has word pronunciation and definitions. Parents and teachers will love sharing this little guide with children. Small hands will have no problem flipping through the pages to learn about water frogs and polliwogs.