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The Legend of Bob Wire
Sam Skinner
BIBLIO: 2014, Mindstir Media, Ages 5 to 9, $9.99.
REVIEWER: Kristi Bernard
FORMAT: Picture Book
ISBN:  9780986214974

Cowboy legends are often spun sitting around camp fires out in the middle of wide open lands where the night sky is bright with twinkling stars. The Legend and Adventures of Bob Wire stem from stories generations old spun by ranchers, oilfield roughnecks, and leather craftsman. Stories told over time can become bigger than when they were first told. Each legend, at its core, has a life lesson weaved through it. The story of Bob Wire is no different. Supposedly, Bob Wire’s mother was an Oklahoma Chickasaw maiden. Some say she was a Louisiana belle from New Orleans. It’s also rumored that his grandfather was Sam Houston, the seventh Governor of Texas. Bob Wire would ride a black panther and used a rattlesnake for a whip. He learned the oil business and would help when bad weather arose or when foes showed up to rob or create havoc.

Author Sam Skinner’s legend gets bigger and bigger as readers flip through the pages. Young readers will be engaged with old fashioned illustrations that bring the main characters western feel and his world to life. Simple sentences and familiar objects make for a fun read.