Animals A Visual Encyclopedia: Book Review

Animal Planet and Time Inc. Books are sharing animals galore!

Title: Animals – A Visual Encyclopedia
Author:  Animal Planet & Time Inc. Books
Photography:  Various
Publisher:  Scout Books & Media Inc.
ISBN: 9781618931539


The pacific Hagfish has some ancient roots. This jawless fish has fossils that date back 300 million years ago. One of eight interesting facts is it breathes through its nose and skin. In the rain forest there’s a bird called the Fruit Looper. The great blue turaco, the biggest of the turacos, lives in the mid-canopy layer, eating, fruits, leaves and buds. At an African watering hole stunning photography will show readers giraffes, elephants, gazelle’s, and red-billed oxpecker to name a few. The category of Pinnipeds includes walrus, leopard seals and sea lions.

All kids love learning about animals and so do adults. Incredible animal photography, loads of interesting facts and graphics will get readers turning the pages on a regular basis. There are eight chapters and a global reference guide from Animal Planet gives kids all the information they can handle about the animal world. Readers will find mammals, reptiles, birds, fish, amphibians, arthropods and other invertebrates.

Time Life Books and Animal Planet have put together a wonderful animal resource guide. Kids, parents and teachers can sink their teeth into. There are more than 2500 animals, 1000 color photos, pull out posters, QR Codes, homework helpers, a glossary and so much more. Teachers can use this guide as a classroom tool to get kids even more excited about learning, reading and sharing.

Courtesy of Media Masters Publicity