Children's Book Review and Book Giveaway: Welcome To Mars

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Space travel is becoming more of a reality. Visiting Mars could be just a few years away. Buzz Aldrin knows all about traveling through space. It's up to a younger generation to get ready to live on Mars and this guide will show them how. 

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Title: Welcome To Mars: Making A Home On The Red Planet
Author:  Buzz Aldrin & Marianne J. Dyson
Photography:  National Geographic Society
Publisher:  National Geographic Society
ISBN: 9781426322068


Do you want to visit Mars? Are you curious about what it would be like to live on Mars? Buzz Aldrin, is an astronaut and the second person to ever walk on the moon. In this wonderful fact filled guide, he invites readers to travel to Mars, build a livable environment and stay there.

Readers will learn how Mars compares to Earth. A day on Mars is similar to a day on Earth. And most importantly, Mars has water. Readers will learn about how they could travel to Mars and what they would need to bring. As readers turn the pages there are plenty of activities with cool things to create. Activities with step-by-step directions show readers how gravity works, where to find the red planet and even how to build a sample home of what people might live in on Mars.

There are many photos of Mars and our recent visit, scientific diagrams, activities, glossary and resources to learn more about Mars. Parents and teachers will enjoy this guide to Mars and will want to add this to a home or school library. It’s time we started getting ready to live on Mars.

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